Hablo Gato

Project Info

The Project

  • Course: Oregon State University's CS457: Online Capstone (2.5 months)

My Contributions

  • Roles:
    • Team Lead: Directed project, established game UX, main communication with third party contributors
    • Team Artist: Character Designer, 2D Artist & Animator, UI assets
    • Developer: Scripted procedural character generation, 2.5D stylization
  • Tools: Procreate iOS, Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, Unity3D
  • Languages: C#

Project Links

What is Hablo Gato exactly?

Hablo Gato is a prototype VR game that provides a language-immersion experience through speech recognition from the comfort of home, or wherever they may be. Traveling to immerse one's self in a country's language is the best way to learn, but that is a privilege. Compared to the cost of traveling and the development of XR technologies, this could be a very affordable option.

Interested in trying Hablo Gato?
  • Hablo Gato is currently not available for demoing.
    • We're still looking at fixing an issue with needing to insert our Azure API key directly into our code. This poses a security for our team members who've signed up for the service.
    • In the meantime, we've recorded both a abbreviated demo and a full demo for viewing.

Work Samples

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