Beep N’ Bop

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  • Roles: Team Artist -- Character Designer, 2D Artist, Animator
  • Tools: Procreate, Adobe Photoshop

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What is Beep N' Bop exactly?

Beep N' Bop is a 2.5D scavenger hunt where two robo-cooks work in tandem to complete a single dish between them. These bots are separated by a wall dividing the kitchen, causing the player to switch between them to access everything they need in order to serve up some delicious food under the time limit. Help them do their job before they're fired from their beloved 80's diner!

Interested in trying Beep N' Bop?
  • Beep N' Bop can be played two different ways:
    • Directly on our page through embedded WebGL
    • Downloadable Windows executable found at the bottom of our page

Work Samples

Click a preview to view the full asset