Project Info

Event Info

  • Hackathon: University of Virginia's HooHacks (2021) (24 Hours)
  • Awards: Best Art & Gaming Hack - 1st Place

My Contributions

  • Roles: Character generation development, character pixel art
  • Tools: Unity3D, Adobe Photoshop
  • Languages: C#

Project Links

What is lARp exactly?

lARp is an augmented reality roleplaying game encouraging exercise via running. Players become a questing fungi looking to better the lives of their shroomy homeland by running (literally running) errands for its denizens.

Under the guise of these quests, this game tracks the time exercised and steps taken using a pedometer. Along the way, questers can run into friendly and deadly mushrooms. Using GPT-3, players can converse back and forth with unique characters before deciding their fate and defeating them in minigame battles between quests.

Interested in trying lARp?

lARp's build is currently unavailable for demoing. However, our GitHub repo is public if you'd like to see our code.

Work Samples

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