Project Info

The Event

  • Hackathon: Carnegie Mellon University's TartanHacks (2021) (36 hours)
  • Awards: Scott Krulcik Grand Prize, Best Throwback Hack

My Contributions

  • Roles: Backend - Spatial Anchor Development, iOS Development
  • Tools: Unity3D, ARFoundation, Azure
  • Languages: C#

Project Links

  • Hackathon Submission: Devpost
  • Hackathon Presentation: Figma

What is IntARnet exactly?

IntARnet is the idea of social media in augmented reality come to life. Inspired by graffiti and pop culture, posts can consist of drawings, text, and graphics and reside in augmented reality. Users can place these posts on landmarks they find memorable -- for example, a college student could bookmark the lecture hall where they took their first college course with a 3D model of a book. Posts stay live where the user sets their AR memory, though they eventually fade from the augmented reality space as time passes.

What's happening with IntARnet?

Demo Samples

Click a preview to view the demo gif at full size